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Take a Book, Leave a Book; Texoma Welcomes its First "Little Free Library"

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- “Little Free Libraries” are a relatively new phenomenon. They're popping up across the country and are now reaching Texoma.

The library steward for the newest addition says the ‘free library' says it's not only a benefit to the community, but it's putting Texoma on the map.

“There's no library card,” says Kristi Brashier, “there's no hours. You can come by anytime.”

It sits at the corner of Thompson Heights Drive and Neva Road and it's called a “Little Free Library”.

“The premise of it is take a book,” she said, “return a book.”

They're reaching communities nationwide. In bird houses or little boxes, people are stocking them with free books for all ages. The founder says this is the first one to be chartered and recognized in Grayson County.

“My kids are grown and in college,” Brashier said, “so I just ran across this on the internet, researched it. I thought it was great idea to bring the community together and provide a service.”

Brashier said she was able to put the idea into motion with the help of her daughter, Katie Jane, while she was home from college this summer.

“To be in a world that's so run by technology,” said Katie Jane, “it just feels really great to everyone back together reading books again.”

Anyone can take a book, anyone can leave a book. If you do take one, you're not required to return it. But Brashier says she has faith that the community will keep it stocked.

“I think it will be fine and if people take books,” she said, “and don't bring them back, I'll just add some more.”

Decorating the bird home, registering the location, loading it with starter books. Katie Jane says this bonding experience was a great way to spend time with her mother before heading back to school.

“We have labels on the books,” she said, “that tell they come from the free library. And we had a blast putting all those on. It was just a really nice experience.”

The “Little Free Library” opened to the public last week. Anyone can register a location for a library, for more information visit their website. Brashier says she hopes the Texoma community will add more soon.