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Bluegrass festival begins in Sherman

SHERMAN -- About a dozen bluegrass bands will take the stage this weekend at a festival in Sherman.

After more than half-century, it's music that still strikes a chord with many.

"What about it do I love? The sound! Bluegrass music sounds good," Henrietta resident Don Inman said.

Bluegrass music is also the reason hundreds are gathering at the Chrystal Opry House in Sherman, some staking out a spot right by the stage.

"The people who run the place are great. We enjoy it. They've got a beautiful place, just look around, it's beautiful," Ennis resident Della Simmons said.

Between Thursday and Saturday, about a dozen bands will take the stage for the Deep Summer Bluegrass Festival.

It's the eighth year Bill Hayes, owner of the property, has hosted the event.

"We don't electrify anything so it's just raw talent," Hayes said.

Hayes says campers began arriving at Melody Ranch on Monday from across north Texas and Oklahoma.

"Our attendance is a lot of the older folks," Hayes said. "It's not big hippedy-hop, loud music. You just sit there and listen to it and enjoy it."

Right up there with the music's base, banjo, and fiddle blend, fans say are the people you meet at the festival and the laughs you share. "The bluegrass people, they're the best people in the world. They really are," Inman said.

Hayes expects about 200 people to attend the festival that he says has grown in popularity in recent years, a trend he hopes will live on, much like the music.

"It's enjoyable to get to see the people and talk to the people," Hayes said.

The first bands took the stage at 6pm Thursday.

Shows begin at 1pm and 6pm Friday and Saturday.

Tickets are $10 Friday and $12 on Saturday. Melody Ranch is located at 1977 White Mound Rd. in Sherman, near Tom Bean.