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Local Group Restoring and Preserving Durant's History - Volunteers Needed


 Drive around any town in Texoma and you see the rich history with homes and properties. But, with age and lack of money many of these old homes are starting to crumble. In many cases, they're being condemned. That's where a non profit group called Durant Restore and Preserve Association comes in.

What started as a couple who just wanted to help someone in need, has now turned into a group of 15 or so volunteers who work with homeowners to help restore properties in the Durant area.   Former Mrs. Oklahoma, Carissa Mason joined Lisanne on KTEN News Midday to talk more about this association, how you can help and how you can get help if you need it.

    The group  is  still at the beginning stages, but  have worked with 5 homeowners so far and have 2 additional applicants they will starting work with soon. We have assisted with bringing two homes to code and are working on a third. Others we are working with are not in violation with the city at this time.

Current sponsors are United Way Gifts in Kind, Steger Lumber, Lowe's, Sign Depot, Pizza Hut and Whataburger
WEBSITE:  restoredurant.org - We have forms for volunteering, donating and requesting help on website
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/restoredurant
PHONE: 580-920-5445
EMAIL: info@restoredurant.org
Monthly commitments of cash donations. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE ON WEBSITE THROUGH PAYPAL
Volunteer general contractors - commitment of once per month, half day
Donated office space in Durant

DRAPA History:

Creating a nonprofit organization was not something that the founders of Durant Restore & Preserve Association ever thought they would do.  But after noticing that many homes in the local area were falling into various states of disrepair, some with ‘condemned' stickers on them, Terri Weir decided to visit the Code Enforcement Officer whose signature was clearly displayed on the stickers.  After she met with the officer, Terri felt compelled to offer assistance to those whose homes were in danger of being condemned, or worse, demolished.

Terri and her husband Skip quickly realized that helping these homeowners in a private way would prove to be difficult, if not impossible.  If they were going to have any serious impact, they were going to need donations to get the work done. So a Board of Directors was formed and the process began.

While the directors were busy setting up the nonprofit, the DRAPA team visited its first home.  It was exciting and rewarding to go to people's homes, tell the home owners, “We are here to help you!” and actually break a sweat getting the work done.  DRAPA has now assisted several homeowners with a variety of projects.

At this time, DRAPA is limiting their projects to front of house, visible from the street, type of work. Referrals from the city take priority because they have court deadlines to meet.  But they are pleased to take applications through their website, and once qualified and approved, applicants are worked into the schedule. It is also the association's purpose to assist in the preservation of the historic homes in Durant.

The 501(c)(3) has been approved and DRAPA is a full-fledged nonprofit organization in the state of Oklahoma. You may receive a tax deduction for any donations you make to DRAPA.  So, visit the website, and complete one of the forms you will find there:   Volunteer, Donate, or Request Help.  Get involved.  The truth is, if you live in Durant, contributing to this cause helps you as well.  The better your neighborhood looks, the more enjoyable your neighborhood is, and the more valuable your home is.  By contributing or volunteering (or even applying for help!) you are making Durant, Oklahoma, a better place to live.  It's win-win!  Learn more by visiting restoredurant.org.