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Stephens Co. Teenagers Braving Temperatures In 90s During Football Practice

VELMA, OK -- The heat is not stopping thousands of Texoma students from practicing for football season, which starts in just days.

One team in Stephens County spent a couple of the hottest hours of the day outside this afternoon. They have some bottles labeled Gatorade, but most are using the old standby -- water.

"We've been hydrating them. For every 20 to 30 minutes of practice, we're taking a 5 minute water break," says coach Colt Allison.

When the activity stops, these players at Velma-Alma rush for the water bucket.

"I drink a lot of water. We've got buckets over there with water, ice water and towels in it, so we stay cool," says student Dathon Poindexter.

Since they started practicing last week, Allison says it's been hot on this field, but it could be worse.

"Starting Monday was the only time that we've been in practice that it's been in triple digits. Our first 3 or 4 days of practice it's was in low to mid 90s," says Allison.

"You got a breeze today and plus it's below 100, it's only about 94, 95," says parent James Bowden.

Still, with the sun beating down, just being outside can be uncomfortable, let alone with football gear strapped on.

That's why the players count on this bucket being full of cold water.

"There at the end, it's good especially after conditioning that they get some water in," says student Chance Biffle.

"It's not as hot as it was the other day, but it feels pretty good outside," says Poindexter.

In addition to practicing with the football, the coach also had the players running sprints to improve their conditioning. In this heat, it's something that can build up quite a thirst.

"Three to four 5-gallon jugs and we go through 'em and fill this thing up and we have another one that broke," says Biffle.

"We probably go through 15 gallons of water and another 5 gallons of Gatorade. Just in our three 5-gallon water cans that we have and then each player has their own individual bottle," says Allison.

Hoping that staying hydrated while they get in their workouts, will help lead the Comets to victory this season.

"They're doing good. They'll be alright as long as everybody stays healthy, they'll be alright," says Bowden.

Allison says they did "summer workouts" in the weight room earlier this summer, so they are already well conditioned.

However, they will be put to the test. KTEN's Alan Mitchell says temperatures will climb again higher in the 90s into the weekend.