Sherman Council Approves 7% Property Tax Jump For $65M Budget - - No One Gets You Closer

Sherman Council Approves 7% Property Tax Increase For $65M Budget

SHERMAN, TX -- With one dissenting vote, council members in Sherman approve a property tax hike.

Mayor Cary Wacker says the 7-percent increase will raise taxes on a $100,000 home by $24, and that it will help close the gap on the deficit, and expand the drinking water plant, which is nearing capacity.

Council member Lawrence Davis voted against it after he says taxes went up 9 percent last year.

"We're completing some street improvements. This also allowed us to fund some public safety positions, in the police department in particular where we had been down on the number of officers, so this helps us fill those positions," says Wacker.

"If I thought it was absolutely necessary, I might support it, but I don't think it's necessary. I think we could have cut back some of the plans like the buying land for the fire station and doing the flood study. We could have waited for a year, and not had to raise the taxes this year," says Davis.

Because of new property like the Panda plant coming onto the tax rolls, the amount raised through taxes is going up 13 percent. The total budget is $65 million.