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Missing Therapy Dog Found Safe and Sound

 HOWE, TX -- Last week KTEN told you about Abby, a shizu therapy dog for soldiers and their families, who went missing. She has been found.

Abby's owner says they found her in Howe early Sunday afternoon. She was covered in dirt, but safe and sound. And she says finding Abby wouldn't have happened without the community's help.

"The moment i saw her," said Amee Cole, Abby's owner, "we pull into the driveway, I just started crying. It was very emotional. It was a very emotional reunion for all of us."

Since Abby disappeared last weekend, the search for her didn't stop. A search that pulled in many people within the Texoma community, who took to Facebook to share the "Missing Abby" post and continued to call asking for updates.

"I'm so thankful for everybody," she said, "you know posting on Facebook and you know keeping us informed that they're looking for the dog. "

Cole says she heard from a woman out of Howe saying there had been an Abby spotting on Luella Road sometime Thursday.

"So we were excited because we actually had a tip," she said.

Friday and Saturday the search party looked up and down Luella Road, but didn't find her.

"And then it rained last night," she said, "so i couldn't put a shirt out to try attract her to me."

Back at it Sunday morning, searching along that same road, they had no luck. Cole says the group went home and ten minutes after walking in the door, the phone rang again.

"The neighbor called and said I have your dog," Cole said, "she's in my arms."

Shocked and excited, Cole says in that moment she was full of adrenaline.

"Automatically you're up and you're like i'm on my way," she said, "he said no I can walk to you. No no no. We are on our way."

Abby is a part of a program called "TADSAW" - Train a Dog, Save a Warrior. She serves as a therapy dog for soldiers and their families, specifically in the oncology ward for Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Cole says the patients are ready to get their four-legged friend back.

"Patsy, she's the TADSAW co-founder," said Cole, "I called her today and she was in tears. So happy. So she's going to call and notify the staff at BAMC that Abby's been found and safe and she's ready to go back to work."

Cole was offering a $1000 reward for anyone who helped find Abby. She tells KTEN the neighbor who found her Sunday told her to save the money because finding Abby was all the reward he needed.