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Johnston County Man Dies Following Honey Bee Attack

 Johnston county, OKLA -- A man is dead following a honey bee attack. He and his wife were long time residents of Troy, a town just outside Tishomingo.

Sixty-six year old Bobby Hudgens raised honey bees as a hobby at his home. Neighbors say he and his wife enjoyed the outdoors.

"When you see one out in the yard, the other ones out there working," Avis Mirth, a neighbor, said. "they're just a precious couple. And i very seriously am just sorry that this happened."

Hudgens died Monday. According to the Johnston County Sheriff, he was mowing the lawn "when a swarm of bees apparently became agitated and attacked him" his wife immediately came to his aid. According to a press release "she stated that she heard a noise and and turned and saw her husband covered with bees." Emergency crews took him to Mercy Hospital, where resuscitation attempts failed.

"They usually don't swarm in Oklahoma," Rhonda Brown, a nursing instructor at Murray State College said. "Although, if you mess with a hive in certain seasons or times, they come out and they're quite aggressive."

Family members of Bobby Hudgens are understandably too upset to go on camera. But they told me he's had the bees for a few years and did not have an allergic reaction to bee stings. They say instead he died of a heart attack, likely caused from the panic of those bee stings.

"He was swarmed as I understand with several, several stings, and i think that could overpower anyone," Brown said.

Nearby neighbors also tried to help -- but now are left making floral arrangements for his funeral -- a man everyone knew and thought highly of.

"The whole family will be in my prayers," Smith said. "I love them people. They're good people."

Road crews working nearby say the bees have never been a problem during construction, but nurses like Brown say bee stings are toxins to all of us and should not be taken lightly

"If you have multiple stings I would suggest you seek medical treatment no matter what," she said. "Allow them to say you're alright. Dont wait."