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Hugo Gymnastics Coach Convicted On All Charges And Jury Recommends Life

HUGO, OK -- The rape trial for a Hugo gymnastics coach is over. A jury has convicted Sandro Ramos of rape and 4 counts of lewd molestation on Day 4 of his trial.

The jury went out about 10:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.  After lunch, around 1:30 p.m., they sent in a question about running sentences together. Then shortly after, the verdict was in.

A teacher's happenstance discovery from a child's notebook..

"Things of a sexual nature that a 12-year-old shouldn't be talking about," says Undersheriff Larry Hendrix.

Authorities say it led to the guilty verdict and recommended sentence of life plus 40 years for Sandro Ramos, 40.

"The victim's mother came in uh told me that she felt her daughter was having sex with her coach," says Hendrix.

Ramos went in in September to talk to an OSBI agent.

"This was 3 interviews in 6 days, so there's a lot of stress there especially, and he had all 3 interviews without an attorney," says Ramos's attorney Alan Perry.

"She did believe they were gonna get married, but that's part of the grooming. He led her on, that's what he admitted on the stand," says assistant district attorney Mark Uptegrove.

"These perpetrators groom children and if they do it well, then the kids don't disclose. I mean, this case came about by accident," says assistant district attorney Emily Herron.

During closing arguments, the defense said Ramos never says he had sex with the 12-year-old during the third OSBI interview caught on video.

But a prosecutor said he confessed in the way he answered the questions.

"He just tried to come up with some explanation for confessing to raping a child," says Herron, referring to Ramos's explanation on Wednesday that he was talking about his girlfriend.

"No matter what you say, it can be taken the wrong way, so if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, you can say, well he's an innocent man," says Perry, referring to his video comments. "It just depends on your interpretation."

"He's put himself in a position to work around young girls," says Uptegrove. "You've seen there's a victim from South Carolina too. I mean, he's searching for victims apparently."

"The prosecutors did a good job, but I do believe that we had a strong case to prove that Sandro Ramos was an innocent man," says Perry. "Now in this situation, there are no winners, only losers, and this has been a tragedy for Sandro and his family."

"Siempre, siempre," shouted Ramos's girlfriend, as he was led into the Choctaw County Jail.

The gym, started sometime around 2011, was popular. Even the undersheriff says he sent his daughter.

Bow Ramos's girlfriend is running it.  Ramos testified his divorce in another state is not final.

He's also facing a charge out of South Carolina and the alleged victim in that case testified in Hugo after prosecutors say she took a plane flight to Oklahoma before she's due to start college.

Sentencing is set for October 7. Ramos's attorney says he plans an appeal.