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2014 Team Preview: Collinsville Pirates

COLLINSVILLE, TX -- The Collinsville Pirates have always seemed to rely on heart rather than size when it comes to Friday nights, and this season with only seven players returning with varsity experience, heart is going to play a major factor.

"We definitely lost a lot of talent last year and it's going to be hard to make up for that, but like you said, we are a young team and were not going to be the strongest or the fastest but were going to have the most heart and that's what really counts when it comes to this," senior end Colton Shackelford said.

The Pirates have had a winning season every year since 2006, but counting wins isn't the same as counting state titles.

"We've had some success but really, we haven't," head coach Danny David said. "We haven't won any state championships and that's what it's all about. Until you win and you walk off that field on the last game of the year, being the state champion and knowing you're the best in Texas, you've always got something to strive for."

The 2014 Pirate squad will be striving for that ultimate goal of bringing a gold ball back to Collinsville, even though the odds may be stacked against them

"You would look on paper and say 'no they're too young, they lost too many people.' We're going to have a different style of football, it's a different team and anything is possible," David added

The Pirates will kick-off their 2014 campaign August 29 against Muenster Sacred Heart.