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Texoma Tags; PIKEPASS and NTTA Team Up for Drivers

NORTH TEXAS, SOUTHERN OKLAHOMA -- Texas and Oklahoma drivers will be happy to hear two major tollway authorities teamed up this week. 

Michael Alexander says he was surprised when he pulled up to the Oklahoma Turnpike this weekend and didn't have to stop and pay. 

"Oh no," said Alexander, "you can go ahead. You've got a toll tag. And I'm very very confused." 

On August 10, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority finalized its agreement with the North Texas Tollway Authority, meaning PIKEPASS customers may now use their PIKEPASS on NTTA tollroads.. and vice versa. 

"I was just stoked about being able to do that," he said. 

Tollway authorities have been planning the move for months, but it was a welcome surprise for some drivers.  

"I'm through there every few weeks or so," Alexander said, "going to get my kids. And that was the first I had heard or seen." 

Alexander frequents Oklahoma tollroads because his kids live in Kansas. 

"I go up there and spend some time with them or shuffle them back and forth," he said, "between here and there." 

He says now he won't have to stop to pull out change. Sometimes he's sat at the toll booth 45 minutes waiting. 

"Gas mileage," he said. "It goes way down when you're just sitting, doing nothing." 

Alexander says he isn't the only one happy to see the new move. When he posted on Facebook about the change, friends were quick to respond. 

"They were pretty excited," he said, "because they were just getting ready to make the trip. They didn't have to come up with any cash."

Although customers should only need one transponder, users who have both a toll tag and a PIKEPASS  should call to determine which account works best, to avoid double billing.