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Texoma Community Steps Up After Veteran Therapy Dog Disappears

HOWE, TX -- After a veteran therapy dog went missing in Howe this weekend, several people across the Texoma area stepped in to help. If you're on Facebook, you may have already seen the picture of Abby, a small golden shizu.

Monday morning, people took to Facebook to share the post about her disappearance. Abby's owner comes from a long line of veterans, from the Marines to the Army. They call her their "four-legged patriot" because she serves as a therapy dog for soldiers and their families. 

"I'm hoping that someone sees this," said Brandy Hudman. "And they probably know how important she is to somebody because of her personality already." 

Hudman says her sister makes the trip from San Antonio to her home, near Harrell and Schneider Road in Howe once a month. Always bringing her dog Abby. 

"Abby coming to our house is nothing new," said Hudman. "She's very familiar with our house." 

Saturday night, the family went out to dinner, not knowing there would be a thunderstorm, which always terrify Abby. When they came home, the back door had been opened. 

"and Abbigail was missing," she said. "and we immediately, all of us, just starting searching everywhere." 

Hudman says they were out until early Sunday morning, then began the search again. But eventually, her sister had to return to San Antonio. 

"That was the worst," she said, "she had to leave her baby. And Abby is her baby." 

Abby is part of program called "TADSAW", standing for "Train a Dog, Save a Warrior". The program takes in rescue dogs and trains them to serve a soldier. 

"She has a job," said Hudman. "She's a therapy dog at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio."

Hudman says Abby helps oncology patients before and after treatment, and serves not only veterans, but their family members too. 

"That they miss her," she said, "and they need her." 

Monday morning Facebook exploded with posts about Abby. But not just from the San Antonio area, Texomans stepped in. "Missing Abby" posts spread through Facebook groups in Durant and shares reached all over Texas, Oklahoma, even New Orleans and Ohio. 

"So warming and it makes us feel so positive," she said. "They're telling us their stories of their dogs who went missing and maybe stayed gone for weeks at a time, or months at a time. but then were located."

If you have any information about where Abby could be, you're urged to contact the owner - Amee Cole (amee.cole@att.net or 210-415-3916) or her sister Brandy Hudman (903-821-4698) or the Howe Police Department.  Cole says she's offering a $1,000 reward.