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2014 Team Preview: Caddo Bruins

CADDO, OK -- For the past two seasons the Caddo Bruins have been playing in Class A, 11-man football. This year they're heading back to eight-man in Class B.

"Well the transition is going to be great for us, being a small school. We'd rather be in the eight-man districts. We've obviously had excelled there in the past. So we want to go back there and try to do some more damage this year, so we're excited to be back down," head coach Jeremy Proctor said.

The Bruins excelled to the highest level the last time they played eight-man bringing home the 2011 Class B state title. Now in 2014 there's only one player left on the squad with a ring. He wants another.

"I want everybody to have the same feeling of winning a State championship, so I will work as hard as I can to make sure that we get as far as we can," senior lineman Allen Baker said.

The expectations are especially high with the Bruins dropping back to Class B. But when it comes to the game of football whether eight or 11-man, wins never come easy.

"Everyone thinks because you're dropping back to eight-man that's going to be great for you, but no it's tough, it's football," Proctor added. "We're going to have to really work hard in this district. I don't even know if we're top five in this district. But when those come out, you try to get your kids to believe in what you're doing. Come out and work hard every day. When the Friday night lights come on, you got to strap it up and everybody's got to play the same game."