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Ranchers in Cooke County Take Pride in What They Do

GAINESVILLE, TX -- Ranchers across Cooke county gathered Monday evening for their annual meeting, but for many who attended it was more than a meeting; it was a positive boost of enthusiasm for their industry.

Terry Kirkpatrick is one of hundreds of ranchers in north Texas trying to make a living surviving drought and other obstacles. So he and other board members of the Cooke County Beef Improvement Association hosted a fun evening for all the ranchers Monday night.

"We wanted to do something positive. The ranchers have been hit with drought and grasshoppers and all that kind of stuff so this one is totally positive," says Kirkpatrick who is a rancher with the Tumbling Cattle Company.

The event featured a live band, Doug Martin and Rustlers, as well as vendors and a steak dinner.

Their guest speaker was Dr. Robert Wells from the Sam Noble Foundation in Ardmore, OK.

"Hopefully they will take home messages that they can use when they are talking to what I call their city cousins, and that'd be people that are not involved in agriculture. So maybe they can impart some wisdom and let some folks that are from the city understand what it is that we do on a daily basis," says Dr. Wells.

The president of the association says their goal is to improve the cattle industry while helping the youth.

"We are trying to help ranchers get better genetics in their cattle here in cooke county and we use the proceeds from our sales and activities to promote the youth," says Rodney Howell.

For all the ranchers who attended, they walked out feeling a sense of pride for what they do.

"I feel really good about what I do and the reason I do it and I'm just proud to be a rancher," says Kirkpatrick.