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Unusual Summer Caused Water Levels to Rise for Lake Texoma

LAKE TEXOMA -- This past spring the Army Corp of Engineers was taking every step necessary to be prepared for what might have been a brutal summer for Lake Texoma. 

Fortunately, though, the unusual amount of summer rain this year and cooler than normal temperatures actually helped to improve lake conditions rather than make them worse.

"Its been really great. We have another cool front I understand coming in for this week so we've got mild weather. These higher humidity and lower temperatures days obviously reduces the amount of evaporation we get so that helps keep the lake up," says Joe Custer, the Lake Manager.

Back in early June Lake Texoma was at six hundred and nine feet, and about 10 feet below normal for that time. However with a typical hot and dry summer, the normal lake elevation drops off in July and August. Not this summer, though. This year the actual lake elevation increased by nearly three feet from early June.

"The lake levels are slowly coming up with the rains that we have had and evaporation is down so all in all we are doing really well for this time of year for the middle of August," says Custer.

Business owners around the lake, like Dave's Ski and Tackle, say the mild summer has really helped to keep customers around.

"We've had a mild summer so its definitely been good for the customers to come in. Business wise we have done real, real well. Fishing has been unbelievable this year, so that really helped out," says Dave Parkey, owner of Dave's Ski and Tackle.

For lake officials, they hope the rest of the summer holds fair.

"We just hope that it will continue to rain and keep this cooler weather and we look for a wonderful fall," says Custer.