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Madill Teenager Shot Dead And Second Teen Questioned In Homicide Investigation

MADILL, OK -- Students at Madill High School will return to school next week without one of their classmates following a deadly shooting on Sunday.

The shooting killed an incoming 10th grader and left a second answering questions at the police station. Tonight, two neighbors tell me they can't believe a fellow teen met a sudden end, right across the street.

"He looked like he was in shock once he came out of the building and he didn't have any expression on his face," says witness Colt Crowson.

Crowson says he saw the 15-year-old suspect suddenly become animated when he left his grandparents' house and was put in the back of a police car.

"He was jerking a lot, looking all around him. I think he was crying. I wasn't sure, I didn't really want to stare at him and then have him look at me," says Crowson.

"He was in custody last night and he was interviewed here at the office," says Madill police public information officer Randall Reynolds.

Police say they went to the home in the 500 block of W. Tishomingo around 4 p.m. Sunday and found Patrick Dunn, 15, dead inside, shot in the head.

"We just saw someone pull up and we're like, what are they doing in our yard, and then we walked up here and there were police surrounding everything," says Cheyenne Crowson.

"They're just really good friends. I see them over there all the time playing with 'em inside, outside, playing basketball in the alley," says Colt Crowson.

Students here in Madill are currently out for summer break but they are set to go back to school starting on next Tuesday.

"Our kids are ours and they're our family and it's a huge huge tragedy," says Madill High School principal Andy Gower.

"It's kind of weird because it is a really peaceful neighborhood and kind of concerning because I have three kids," says neighbor Bianey Gomez.

Parents still waiting for answers are trying to counsel their kids.

"How you just have to be really careful about how you act and where you are and all that kind of stuff," says parent Doug Crowson.

"I've seen him around school a few times. He was a really good kid. I know a lot of my friends, my close personal friends, grew up with him in day care," says Cheyenne Crowson.

Meantime, police continue their investigation into the shooting..

"The investigators are still doing their reports on that to see what happened. We are treating it as a homicide investigation," says Reynolds.

"We're making as school personnel as many plans as we can to support our kids," says Gower.

Funeral services for Dunn are pending.  Police say the OSBI and the State Medical Examiner's Office are also involved in this case and no charges have been filed.