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Texomans React to Fatal Accident Involving a NASCAR Driver

NORTH TX, SOUTHERN OK -- Police are continuing to investigate an accident involving a NASCAR driver that left one dead. NASCAR Star Tony Stewart hit and killed another driver. That driver, 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr., was walking on the track during the race. 

"20.. that's my age," said Ryan Bullock. 

Saturday night's tragic accident hit home with local NASCAR fans, though it was not a NASCAR race. 

"It just kinda surprised me that stuff like that still happens," he said. 

It happened on a dirt track in upstate New York, after the 14th lap of a 25 lap race. Stewart's car closed in on Ward's, cutting him off. Ward's car was forced up against the wall - where he spun out. Amateur video then shows Ward, getting out of his car, pointing his finger, seemingly in the direction of Stewart's car.  

One car swerves around Ward. But Stewart's car hits him. Police say the accident is still under investigation. 

"The investigation, when it's completed," said Sheriff Philip Povero of Onatrio County, "we will sit down with the district attorney and review it. but I want to make it very clear, there are no criminal charges pending at this time."

Texomans we spoke with say they found out about the accident through Facebook or Twitter. And they say social media exploded with negativity. 

"More people are saying that he killed because 'experts' on twitter going around saying that," said Bullock. 

"I don't really agree with it," said Kayla Burkham, "I think you should keep your opinions to yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."

Burkham's fiance frequently races at a local dirt track, but she says the thought of this happening to him hadn't crossed her mind. 

"I guess because everybody's slowing down during a caution and stuff like that," said Burkham. "I never really thought about it until now." 

And while this was not a NASCAR race, others say this accident could change NASCAR regulations regarding drivers leaving their car. 

"If somebody gets out of their car getting fined and all that stuff," said Bullock, "that should probably be something to happen."

Stewart decided to pull out of another race this past Sunday, just hours before it started. He released a statement saying it's a very emotional time for all involved.