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2014 Team Preview: Whitewright Tigers

WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- The Whitewright Tigers are now two years removed from the Tyrone Swoopes era and they're ready to put their team back on the map.

"I think we've got some real good young players, young skilled players. Obviously they're not Tyrone Swoopes, but the offense that were in and the way that we can utilize the tools that we have at the skilled positions, I think that were just as good as ever," senior linebacker and offensive lineman Kelby Shaw.

The Tigers head coach, Wes Rhoten is going into his second season at Whitewright and things are already looking better than they were at this time last season.

"He seems more comfortable but everyone around him is a lot more comfortable. We know everybody, they know the system, it's a lot easier. The second year is always going to be better because he can add more stuff in that we just weren't ready for last year. That is going to help a lot," Shaw added.

Despite having a 2-8 record in 2013, the Tigers found themselves in the playoffs, now they didn't make it past the first round but that just makes them even hungrier for more.

" I thought we kind of started to turn the corner, we hadn't totally got there yet. That's what we did up to this point. Part of our success hopefully this fall took place four or five months ago. So now we've kind of got that established, the kids' expectations are high, our expectations are high. We feel like we're going find the games to win put ourselves in the situation to get there again," Rhoten said.

The Tigers kick-off their season August 29 against Celeste