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"Texoma's Superman" Starts Non-Profit Organization

ARDMORE, OK -- Eight years ago a horrible car accident in Dickson tore apart a Texoma family.

Conner McDougall, who was 20-months old at the time, suffered a severe spinal cord injury but Conner's father Chris and his brother Adam both died in the crash.

Doctors in Dallas told his mother Sonya that she should let Conner go as well.

But Sonya believes that faith and the power of prayers saved Conner and continues to help him on his road to recovery.

Conner and his family are beginning a new venture this year with their third annual Miracles in Action run.

The family says after years of continued support from the community, it's time to pay it forward.

They started getting a non-profit organization off the ground last year and now it's become a reality.

"You know we used to make fun of his daddy for liking Superman so much and then now it fits, it's perfect," said Sonya Hunter, Conner's mom. "Because he is strong like Superman that's for sure."

Like his comic book counterpart, Conner McDougall gets stronger every day.

"Conner's made lots of strides and improvements over the last 8 years," said Sonya.

He can now spend about four hours off his ventilator a day. He's working toward a goal of six hours per day and eventually 24.

"He's got determination," said Robbin Hunter, Conner's step dad. "He wants to be as well as we want him to be well."

The surrounding community has pitched in to  help Conner and his family afford the therapy and equipment to beat his injury.

"Conner wouldn't be where he's at today if it wasn't for the help of our community," added Sonya. "So it's time to pay that forward now."

This year, the family has started a non-profit organization called Adam's Cape.

Adam was Conner's big brother while the cape represents his dad.

"That way it kinda covers both of them," said Sonya.

"They've got a great platform and they've started a good work so I'm just happy to be a part of it and continue that work," said Chris Hunter, a board member for Adam's Cape and owner of Hunter Heat and Air in Ardmore.

Adam's Cape will raise money to provide support for children and families with crisis or medical needs.

"The more things we can do and raise awareness, the more families we'll be able to help through this program," said Chris.

The family describes the organization's start as...

"The most amazing feeling ever," said Sonya. "He's what keeps me going  and makes me want to get up."

And just like the man of steel, with the help of Adam's Cape, Conner will begin to help others very soon.

"He'll make full recovery. No doubt about it. He's a trooper," said Robbin. "Because he's a true miracle, he is just a true miracle."

Conner and his family will make a trip to the Kennedy Krieger Institute in October. It's the same facility made famous by actor Christopher Reeve after his spinal cord injury.

Conner's run will begin at 8 AM on August 23 at Ardmore Regional Park. All proceeds will go to Adam's Cape.

Registration information for the Miracles In Action 5K can be found here.