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"Share - Taking it to the Streets" to Feed the Homeless

DENISON and SHERMAN, TX -- There is a census of over 1,000 homeless people living in the Denison and Sherman area. While there are many charities and shelters available, not every person in need is finding the help to live. One Texoma woman is trying to change that. 

"We're not even breaking the surface of this," said Camille Snider. 

Snider wakes up before the sun to fill up her SUV with bags of food. Food donated through members of her church, other local charities, produce stands and local restaurant chains. And by the day's end, there is nothing in the SUV. 

"We are functioning week to week and have to pray that we have enough," Snider said. 

Driving across Denison and Sherman, she hand believers food to men, women and children. Out on Highway 75, back streets, tents, dumpsters and in cars. But Snider says the program, "Share - Taking it to the Streets", doesn't confine the term "homeless" to people outdoors. 

"It means living from one family to one family to one family," Snider, the program's founder, said, "when someone is tired of them being there, they have to move on and move on."

The only way KTEN could air this story if we agreed to keep the identity of those she's feeding anonymous. Snider says it took her a long time to gain the trust of those she's helping. 

"You start with that first person," she explained, "and then they'll tell you about somebody else, and somebody else. And then it just grows from there." 

She meets veterans, their pets. Parents, several children. Even homeless taking in other homeless, within their campsites. Snider says often time she people she serves don't fit the criteria to go into the homeless shelter. 

"There's a lot of people out there coming from all different walks of life," she said. "Some are working. They're living in a tent but yet they're working. But they just can't seem to put enough money together to get first and last months rent." 

Making it hard for them to find a permanent residence and, as she says, break the vicious cycle of homelessness. Snider says she's also seen some who haven't made it. 

"I know of two that have frozen to death," she said. 

Snider's program "Share - Taking it to the Streets" is a non-denomanational group that networks and shares with other food banks in the area. Their 501c(3) status is through Grace United Methodist Church in Sherman. 

She says the group feeds about 240 mouths a week, but the number grows every time she goes out. To donate, connect with Grace United Methodist on 2800 Canyon Creek Dr, Sherman, TX. Food items needed are canned meat, canned pasta, fruit cups, nutrition bars, breakfast bars, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, pop-tarts, corn, crackers - plain and filled, roman noodles and bottled water. 

Snider says any donation is greatly appreciated.