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New Techy Gadgets for Back To School Education and Student Safety

Whether your kids are in Pre-K or College, back to school also means new fancy high-tech ways to help your students learn and stay safe.  That's why AT&T is offering up a new phone, a new way to keep track of your kids, and an overall sense of security when the kids start getting out and about more.

Wednesday on KTEN News Midday, Jessica McKeon with AT&T joined Lisanne to show off some of the new gadgets, just in time for back to school -- from pre-k through college.

Filip  -  $149

Kids of all ages are going back to school this season. This accessory is great for parents of young kids.

·      The Filip watch is a wearable smart locator for mom and dad to monitor the kid

·      It not only is a monitoring devices the watch can call and receive from 5 contacts

·      This watch will be great for when the kids walk home from school and the bus stop.

·      The geo map and safe zone all monitored via application on your smart phone.

Digital Life  -  $249.99 instant savings

Also for parents, Digital Life provides peace of mind for parents whose kids may be walking home or riding the bus from school each day.

·      Digital life is the way to stay connected to your home 24/7 via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

·      There are packages with cameras, automated locks, and detectors.

·      With the cameras, you can get notifications when motion is detected at the front door. This can be beneficial when your kids arrive at home know they arrived safely. 

·      Right now, we have a limited time offer to get free smart security equipment when you sign up before September 1.

The best way to stay connected with your Digital life and the Filip watch is with the brand new Amazon Fire.

Amazon Fire  -  $199.99 2yr contract  -   NEXT $32.50

Kids love to have the hottest devices, and the Fire from Amazon is guaranteed to make your kids the envy of their friends.

·      Amazon’s first smartphone, the Fire has everything you love about Amazon

·      The phone has firefly technology dynamic perspective and mayday

·      Amazon Prime will be free for the first year- limited time offer

·      The Fire has 5.4 inch display perfect to view the dynamic perspective

·      On both 4g LTE and Wi-Fi Mayday can be accessed 24/7 to receive live on device support with and Amazon expert

ION Party Starter Bluetooth Speaker  -  $49

The Party starter is a full-range colorful mini version of the party house. Great for classrooms and dorm rooms, too!

·      This little portable speaker packs a BIG sound

·      Like the house it has the colorful lights to enjoy

·      The Party Starter is Bluetooth compatible

·      The speaker also has a long-lasting rechargeable battery to enjoy for a longer time