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Local Business Closes its Doors After Five Months; Dozens Out of Work

SHERMAN, TX -- Just five months after opening its doors, a local call center closed them last Thursday, leaving dozens of people without jobs in the city of Sherman. 

Direct Connect expanded with this branch in March with high hopes for the city, its economy and the many people who needed this work.

"All of our mouths flew open," said Sharla Johnson, who worked at Direct Connect. 

Last Thursday dozens of workers at Direct Connect in Sherman were told they no longer had a job, leaving many stunned and surprised. 

"They didn't tell us anything," said Buddy Ray, who also worked there, "they didn't give us any information or warning they were going to be shutting the place down." 

The company CEO Tim Lund says the building is in need of several repairs, the main one being a  leaking roof. Lund says the condition of the building hit a point where having workers inside was unsafe. But after five short months of work, the now former employees of Direct Connect say they don't know where to turn. 

"I was working at another company here in town," said Sandra Foster, "a well known company to come here." 

Sherman Economic Development Corporation, or SEDCO, says they're still unsure about what's next for Direct Connect but their main focus right now is the dozens of people without work. 

"I'm kind of in a position of unknowing," said Foster, "I've always worked and supported myself. I have a daughter that I'm trying to support alone, I'm a full time student. So this is not easy, as well as not just for me but for everybody that was here."

SEDCO says anyone looking for new employment is encouraged to go through Workforce Solutions Texoma, either applying online or visiting their center out of Denison. Some people have already started the process. 

"I have two sons in college," said Johnson. "I have to finish one of my son's financial aid, but i need the check stubs to complete it. I don't know what i'm going to do."

Workforce Solutions Texoma says calls from the former Direct Connect employees have started rolling in. They also say with all the other expansion happening in the Denison-Sherman area, there are plenty of other job opportunities open.