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Breast Care Center in Denison Becomes First in Region to Be a Center of Excellence

DENISON -- TMC's Breast Care Center in Denison was recently designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Brandy Blount has been working as the Nurse Navigator for the Breast Care Center in Denison since it opened up almost a year ago. For her and the rest of the staff of the center, it means a lot to now be considered a Center of Excellence.

"We have worked so hard. Its a lot of extra education and its very rigorous to become a Breast Center of Excellence so we are thrilled," says Blount.

In order for the center to have this accreditation, they had to go through a tedious process.

"You have to be accredited in all the modalities of breast imaging to obtain a Center of Excellence. We were able to slowly achieve all of those accreditations and our last piece the stereotactic, we received accreditation on this past week," says Jerrica George, the Associate Administrator for the center.

Most women who visit the women's Breast Care Center in Denison are there for their yearly mammogram, however if an abnormality is detected, Blount will help each woman to know where to go from there.

"Since we have opened last August 1st, I believe we have done over 200 biopsies for patients in the community. We've allowed that process to become quicker, faster, less painless and its wonderful," says Blount.

"We are very excited about this accreditation. We are actually celebrating our one year anniversary this Friday and in addition to celebrating that with our staff we get to celebrate this huge accomplishment for the center. It was one of our goal upon opening and now it has come to reality," says George.