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Eisenhower Quilt Appears At Bonham Quilt Hop

BONHAM, TX -- Tours gathered Saturday at the Sam Rayburn House Museum for a special viewing of a historical quilt.

The museum is hosting the 2014 Bonham Quilt Hop and includes President Dwight D. Eisenhower's quilt.

The Bonham area is passionate about quilts and this year they wanted to do something exceptional.

They borrowed the Eisenhower quilt from the Eisenhower birthplace site.

The quilt was pieced together by Eisenhower and his brothers.

"They actually pieced the quilt when they were young and then his mother sewed it," said Carole Stanton, Sam Rayburn House Museum manager.

Several other quilts are on display along with possessions owned by Sam Rayburn.

Stanton said the museum attracts several hundred people since the site is so unique and historic.