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Grayson County Salvation Army Low on Food Donations


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- During the holidays we're all used to seeing the salvation army bell ringers and the big boxes for food donations outside of the grocery store, but organizers say now is really the time for giving.

"This would be completely full with probably 30 bags of groceries," said Jay Reeder, Grayson County Salvation Army Lodge Manager. "As you can see by the time we shut down friday afternoon, they were all gone."

At the Grayson County Salvation Army food pantry, hundreds of bags of food fly off shelves in no time at all. The shelves still have some food on them, but lodge manager jay reeder says this is the time of year they always have shortages.

"The number of families that we feed a week alone would amaze people," Reeder said.

Donations always drop in the middle of the summer, and gracious shoppers make all the difference.

"There's no set time for when people need," said Debbie Shearer, a food pantry donor. "They need help all the time."

People can drop off food of just about any kind at the Salvation Army location here on Texoma Parkway. That food also helps feed people staying in the homeless shelter. And, for one of the first times ever, all 32 beds have been full every night, all year round.

"We have been staying incredibly full for this time of year, to be honest with you," Reeder said. "Most of the time your winter months are your worst months. This year, there's just been a lot of people in need."

The Salvation Army feeds several dozen families each week. Other families get food from local church pantries around town, like the one debbie shearer donates to, and she has a message for fellow shoppers.

"People that's out here shopping, if you have extra, please give," she said. "Because there are a lot of needy people out there. A lot of children that go to school hungry, come home hungry, go to bed hungry."

A call to the Grayson County Homeless Shelter revealed they are also running low on donations, because it's just that time of year, volunteers said.