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Outdoor Workers Drinking Lots Of Water As Temps Near 100 Degrees

DENISON, TX -- If you work inside, you should feel fortunate you're able to get out of this heat. There are many workers in Texoma sweating out in jobs that keep them stuck in the sun all day.

Many people are happy it's Friday, but especially those who've been working outdoors this week. We spoke to several workers about how they're doing in the heat.

"Drink electrolytes and keep a cool rag on you and whenever you're feeling too hot, sit down and take a break," says striping crew worker Cody Ledbetter from Tyler.

Changing road stripes in Denison in this weather is no picnic.

Over at B. McDaniel Middle School, renovation crews changing the school for its new grades are busy. Alan Stewart says after 30 years in construction, the heat is still a shock.

"You don't get used to the hot. You learn to work in it. The older you get, it gets a little harder," says Stewart.

The water fountains are still on, but there's no A/C for workers renovating the place. But, they've put in some fans.

"You do this for a day and forget your water, you bring it the next day," says Stewart.

"We try to get the job done, but whenever you're feeling overheated, we sit down and we take a break," says Ledbetter.

And for all those people hoping for some relief as they start their weekend, things look like they were going to get even hotter, according to Alan Mitchell's forecast.

"Stay up under the shade as best as possible," says litter crew worker Darius Cooks.

Not easy when you're with Fort Worth's Liberty Proclaimed Ministries picking up litter on Highway 75.

"We've got a van that comes around and brings us water like every like 10, 15 minutes," says David Franklin. "Sometimes like if you bend down too fast and come back up, you gotta stop and rest, you get dizzy. It's a headache, but it pays the bills."

"It's a little hot after lunch. That means we have to get up under more shade and drink more water," says Cooks.

Also busy on Thursday were stripers on the Highway 75 frontage road near the exit ramp to Morton Street by Comfort Inn, re-painting white stripes.

"Anything underneath 50 degrees, we can't work, but all the way through the heat, it doesn't matter how hot it gets, we still work," says Ledbetter.

"We take a lot of breaks, drink a lot of water and just basically don't try to overdo it, stay in the shade," says Stewart. "For me, it's gonna be a weekend of air conditioning!"

Official temperatures at the airport were observed at 97 and 98 degrees on Friday afternoon. Two store thermometers near Wal-Mart were showing temperatures over 100 degrees.