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Durant police make department's past a part of the future

DURANT -- The Durant police department now looks a little different inside.

Their headquarters on Washington Street are still fairly new. They moved in about three years ago.

Friday, they did quite a bit of decorating.

"There's kind of an echo in here because nothings on the walls," Police Chief Durwood Cook said.

If walls could talk, the ones inside Durant police headquarters wouldn't have had much to say, until today.

Now, they'd tell stories dating back more than 100 years.

"I think it brings the history of our department into this new building," Chief Cook said.

All the men, women and K-9's on the lobby walls share a common thread.

They all worked at the Durant Police Department.

Friday, the honor guard hung photos of 40 former chiefs, retired officers and department employees at a ceremony many honorees attended.

"It's an honor but there's a lot of other people that were involved in making this department what it is," former Police Chief Jack Jones said.

The oldest photo now displayed is of one of Durant's first town marshals in 1902.

"I think it's a great honor to those folks in recognizing their service," Durant Mayor Jerry Tomlinson said.

Family members of those unable to attend accepted the honor on their behalf.

For others, the dedication brought together generations.

"It's very special," Paul Mora, daughter of an honoree said. "My dad means a lot to me. He was always dedicated to his job and to the people of Durant and he was dedicated, very dedicated, to his police officers."

Current officers say they feel honored to carry on that legacy and take pride in paying tribute to those who gave them their start.

"I've been here for 23 years almost," Deputy Chief of Police David Houser said. "I've been mentored by a lot of the officers, some of those that were recognized today."

The photo collection is not complete.

The department has been unable to find pictures for seven former chiefs and town marshals.

But, they say they will continue to search for them.