Sherman Apartment Dwellers Sweat It Out After A/C Unit Breaks Do - - No One Gets You Closer

Sherman Apartment Dwellers Sweat It Out After A/C Unit Breaks Down

SHERMAN, TX -- Some people in Sherman were sweating it out after the air conditioning stopped working at their apartment building, and the manager wasn't keen on talking with KTEN.

UPDATE -- Residents still said Friday that they had no A/C, but they were told the compressor is broken and the unit may be repaired by tonight. We tried contacting the manager who asked why we wanted to know about the A/C, and said that it was already fixed.

With these hot temperatures, people in one building were upset when they couldn't get A/C last night because it's included in their rent, but then when it didn't work today, they really got upset.

"Four o'clock this morning, it's 90 degrees in here," says resident Jason Fannin.

"It's really, really hot. You can't even take a shower -- I mean, you get out of the shower and you're sweating already," says resident Luis Munguia.

Residents at Westwood Garden on Archer Drive say the air conditioning stopped working Wednesday night.

"She put both my kids in the tub for about an hour or so, just to keep them cool," says Fannin.

"And then I took them outside to where the wind could get 'em and stuff, but I haven't been letting them sit in here because it's way too hot," says resident Audra Grams.

With temperatures outside in the 90s, people were growing frustrated.

"I've been up all night, no sleep, about to suffocate," says resident Paul Benedict.

"They told me it'd be 30 minutes last night, and then they told me it'd be fixed in an hour, and now they told a lady it's gonna take all day, and they just sit there and they gave me the runaround," says Grams.

"I called the lady, but they don't... I guess they don't care," says Munguia.

We found a repair man hard at work in the afternoon, and then another man who claimed to be the owner showed up.

"Put that camera down," he says.

He told me to get off the property but that wasn't enough. He drove over to me while I was parked on the corner, and got out and pushed me while I was holding a camera and tripod.

"That's assault, in my opinion. That sidewalk is city property," says Benedict.

The man also watched closely during one of my interviews. Then, 3 police cars suddenly showed up. The officers told the owners that I was allowed to be on the public street and sidewalk.

"As long as he's not on my parking lot, we have an A/C problem we're working on that we took care of that," the man told officers.

"You just can't go back on their property," one of the officers said.

That man who said he was the owner of the building clearly did not want to talk with me about the air-conditioning problems, but he did tell me it only affects Building 1, and they are now getting it fixed.

But that's not enough to satisfy some residents, some of whom tell me they're scared to be evicted just for talking to me, and that they pay more than $600 a month for a 1-bedroom and $800 for a 2-bedroom, with all the bills included.

"And I'm about to be leaving," says Benedict.

"I want to move, you know," says Munguia.

We were back out there at 6 p.m. and it looked like the owner and the A/C repairman were still trying to get that huge machine working. The owners said it was already fixed.