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Push To Legalize Marijuana in Oklahoma Continues with New Petition

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The push to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma continues. Supporters have been out across the state urging people to sign a petition for medical marijuana and Thursday they were out with a brand new one. 

"Take a chance," said Melissa Wilson, a supporter, "use your freedom. This is something that could be a real positive effect for the medical industry." 

Wilson came out Thursday to sign for her son, who donated his kidney to a dying man in California. 

"And medical marijuana helped them both relieve their pain without damaging their kidneys," she said. 

If the petition for medical marijuana is successful, a state question will be placed on the November ballot. But Thursday, people were asked to sign another piece of paper. This one for recreational use of marijuana. 

"Recreational petition allows for interstate commerce so that we can ship product to different states," said Vicki Gaylor, the petition supporter, "and that will just open the doors for revenue for the state."

A similar petition was passed around earlier this year, but Gaylor feels this one has the momentum for change. Local police say if this movement changes the law, they will treat it like any other. 

"Illegal or legal," said Detective Drew Hale with Durant Police, "you can still be charged with driving under the influence if you've consumed or smoked marijuana and then get behind the wheel." 

Anyone wishing to sign the petition must have a valid drivers' license and be a registered voter in Oklahoma. Gaylor, who is behind the petition, says it will be open until October. 

"It's vital to get this out here," said Gaylor, "and get people to sign it. and every petition that comes out here people should sign it and get it on the ballot so that people can vote on it. Every petition." 

Both petitions need 160,000 signatures to be successful. The one supporting medical marijuana closes August 1st. For more information on how to sign that one, click here.