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Bryan County Contributes to Low Oklahoma Unemployment Numbers

BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. -- Bryan county has a population of just more than 42,000-- but from its casino to Southeastern Oklahoma State University -- it offers thousands of employment opportunities to Texomans.

Main street is alive and well in durant and you don't have to go far to find new businesses opening

"I think it's an awesome place," said resident Kathy Kahill.

Employers seem to agree,  making the city of durant one of few to see growth during the recession.

"For us to be in a  recessed area, as we have been told, we have been extremely blessed to continue the growth in several different areas that we have," said Janet Reed, Durant Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

June unemployment numbers show oklahoma's rate at 4.5 percent, one of the best in the nation, and the lowest it's been in six years.   While the nation has seen unemployment numbers as high as ten percent, Bryan county continues contributing to job growth, with numbers have remaining cosistent the last five years, and reaching a new low in may at 3.7 percent

"We want to be very aggressive in the growth factor that we have," Reed said.

Governor Mary Fallin called oklahoma's additional 9,600 job last month a "number one priority" and says it was a result of "reducing the regulatory burden on job creators." If those job creators come to bryan county, they'll find people ready to work.

"Workforce is a huge issue to any community that is growing," Reed said. "We work on a daily basis to try and improve and secure those things for the future as well. We are very fortunate to have the higher education facilities that we have."

Even more jobs are coming to the area. The Choctaw Casino Resort is working on a 275 million dollar expansion, bringing restaurants, bowling alleys and an additonal 400 - 500 jobs to Bryan County.

It will host a job fair this spring to fill all those positions, bringing its staffing total to 2,500.