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Savoy Booster Club Treasurer Accused of Theft, Forgery

SAVOY, TX -- The Savoy police department arrested the Savoy High School Booster Club treasurer earlier this month -- alleging she stole money and forged checks.

Linda Berube had been volunteering as the savoy high school booster club treasurer for nearly two years when other members believed she stole money. Savoy police arrested her on suspicion of theft between $1,500 and $2,000 and two counts of check forgery earlier this month.  

"I want the donors to know that there are good people on the booster club and as soon as they thought there might be a problem they acted appropriately," said Savoy Superintendent Brian Neal. 

Club members presented documents to police saying the account balance berube reported during meetings was different than actual bank statements by several thousand dollars.  

We tried reaching out to Berube.  

Rachel: Hi, is this Linda?

Linda Berube: Yes. 

Rachel: This is Rachel Salyer with KTEN News. I'm calling regarding allegations that you stole money from the booster club 

Silence... Hello? Hello? (Berube hangs up.) 

But Berube had plenty to say to police. According to an affidavit she admitted using the money for personal use and says she "was planning to put the money back." Police say she also admitted to forging another booster's signature on two checks, and had $2,500 dollars at her house belonging to the booster club.

"The booster club has taken steps already to freeze everything that's there and they want to re-organize and they want to add more safeguards," Neal said.

The exact amount of money Berube allegedly stole is unknown, but with just 300 students -- the Savoy Superintendent says he knows one thing for sure.

"It's hard," he said. "As we know, school funding has been cut, and we're scraping for every dime."

Berube posted a $4,000 bond after her arrest. The Fannin County District Attorney is determining whether or not to pursue formal charges.

The Savoy Superintendent also wants to make it clear that the booster club is a separate volunteer organization from the school district -- meaning the money Berube allegedly stole did not come directly from the school, but rather, private donations.