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Nine People Arrested for Prostitution Organization Involving Minors

COOKE COUNTY, TX -- The Cooke County Sheriff's Office says with the help of Homeland Security, they were able to disrupt a prostitution organization involving minors. 

Authorities say nine people were arrested and one minor detained on multiple charges. They also say two children under the age of three had to be taken into protective services. 

The Sheriff's Office says during the week of July 9, nine adults were arrested for prostitution, two were arrested for a controlled substance and one for marijuana. Officials say a 16 year old was detained for criminal attempt prostitution. 

The investigation is a multi-agency cooperation involving Denton County's Sheriff's Office, Homeland Security Investigations and the Office of Inspector General with the State of Texas. 

The Cooke County's Sheriff's Office says they will continue to work closely with those local, state and federal agencies to protect all children and citizens in the county and to prosecute any offender to the maximum extent. 

Officials say Child Protective Services (CPS) took two children under the age of three into custody. After CPS and Department of Human Services investigate, children are taken to local advocacy centers for further help. Because Cooke County does not have a Children's Advocacy Center, children are taken to the Denton County's Center. 

"When they're really young," said Martha Knuckles with the Grayson County Children's Advocacy Center, "especially if they're too young to talk to us. Part of our process is that we do a forensic interview and if the child is not verbal, and not able to tell us what happened. It is a harder case." 

Children advocates say they've seen an increase in child abuse cases like these across the state of Texas. 

"Being a border state, we have children that are being transported across," said Knuckles. "And if they are being trafficked against their will, against their parent's will, we just don't know that. And it makes it more difficult." 

Advocates urge everyone to always be on the lookout for child abuse or neglect. 

"Children that many times have been neglected, they're going to be dirty and not clothed properly," she said, "they may not be getting the medical attention that they need." 

Because this is still an active investigation, the Sheriff's Office says they will not release the names of those involved or where it happened. They say they do expect to see more arrests in the near future.