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Dot in Ardmore Announces Expansion and New Job Openings

ARDMORE, OK -- A major company in Ardmore has announced its plans to expand business abroad. But city officials say the local economic benefits will be tremendous.

"I’m a home town kind of guy,” said Ben Parnacher, the Assistant Warehouse Manager. “I've lived here all my life. I like the fact that there's growth in a company that's in Ardmore, Oklahoma." 

Dot foods in Ardmore announced its plan to start a joint venture with a Mexico based company, taking its food service distribution concept abroad. 

"One of the things we say in our company is why not,” Parnacher said, “and when we say why not,. that means well why can't we have a business model that works for the United States, why can't it work worldwide." 

The Ardmore location is one of only nine in the nation and this expansion means 45 positions are open- 15 warehouse personnel and 30 new drivers. 

"You know you see Dot’s trucks on the road all the time now,” said Brian Carter, Interm President of Ardmore Development, “and I think a lot of folks ten years ago would say ‘Dot foods, what is it?’ and now theiree thier trucks everywhere." 

City officials say what makes job openings like these- in manufacturing or distribution- special, is how they relate to products that get bought and sold outside of Ardmore. 

"What that means is we're part of the supply chain for transactions that are happening other places,” said Carter, “the labor of that distribution center primarily lives in Ardmore, in our area." 

And this leads to a huge increase in the money within the ardmore community. Parnacher says those looking to apply should want a career, not a short term job.  He says a positheiron thier team is rewarding. 

"We're everywhere,” he said. “We do a lot of things within everybody's lives, that people might not realize. The food that you eat, the food at your kid's school, nursing homes and even mom and pop grocery stores."

Parnacher says Dot is very flexible with part time employees. He says this expansion will continue into the fall and Dot will keep hiring and keep growing.