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Oklahoma Gun Safety Class Graduates Warned To Apply Now For Licenses

BENNINGTON, OK -- For the first time, a new law will soon be putting an expiration date on gun safety training courses in Oklahoma.

The OSBI says nearly 200,000 Oklahomans are licensed to carry a concealed or unconcealed firearm, and they want to warn people who have taken their safety course, but not yet joined that group.

Oklahomans who want to carry a gun have to take a class.

"They're squeezing everything they can into an 8-hour course," says gun class instructor Joe Kirk.

"Guns are dangerous! They need to know how to work 'em. Kids take 'em to school and shoot each other," says area resident Lynn Cross.

Kirk, a retired police officer, has a gun shop in Bennington, and teaches a Saturday firearms class that he holds each month at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

"For teaching that class, you only charge 'em up to $60. As of November of last year, they took that cap off, so an instructor is allowed to charge anything they want. Of course, I kept mine at the same rate," says Kirk.

But after they get their certificate, how long should it be valid to go to apply for a gun license?  Soon, they will only be only be good for 3 years after taking the class.

"If they have that training certificate at home, just waiting for a good time to go ahead and apply for a gun license, now is a good time," says OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

Brown says once this new law goes into effect, anyone who took a training class prior to Nov. 1, 2011 and has not yet applied for a license will need to take it again.

"If you took your class and got certified through the training course 10 years ago, it will no longer be good as of November 1st," says Brown.

That goes only for those who have been sitting on their certificate for years and never applied for their gun license.

Those who want to apply for a license have about 3 months left to do so.

People who already have their gun license will not need to re-take the course.

"The older more experienced people that carry, they certainly have a lot more experience," says area resident George Dowdey.

Now, the firearms instructors like Kirk will only need to keep the roster of each class, the safety test score, and the type of weapon used when qualifying for 3 years from the date of the class. After that, they can destroy it.

Up until now, those course certificates did not expire. You can apply online for a license.  It costs $100 to OSBI for a 5-year license or $200 for 10 years, plus $25 to the sheriff for fingerprinting. The House Bill 2874 was co-sponsored by State Sen. Josh Brecheen, R-Coalgate.