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Three Men Arrested for Burglary in Sherman

 SHERMAN, TX -- Scrap metal continues to be a hot commodity to thieves in our area, as police  say the number of reports continues to go up. And Tuesday three men are behind bars charged with the crime. Sherman police say the home that was burglarized appears to have been vacant at the time, possibly getting ready for an estate sale. And the arrests would not have happened without the help of neighbors.

“The public,” said Sergeant D.M. Hampton, “there's a lot more of the people in the public than there are officers. So they are the eyes and ears for us. And because this person took the time to call us, there are three people that broke into a house off the street."

Monday morning Sherman officers received a call about suspicious activity around the home at 1603 North Ross Street. When they arrived they say they saw three men trying to steal a window unit, floor lamp, wiring and some tools.  

"Anything readily available to be able to get a hold of that has any kind of metal content,” he said, “I don't know what the going price is, but because they're stealing it, anything they get for it is a 100% profit for them."

Officers say 61-year-old Larry Thacker tried to run on foot. While 48-year-old Kenneth Moss and 59-year-old Robert Riles tried to get away in a pick-up truck. They were arrested and charged with burglary of habitation.  Police say the investigation is ongoing and part of the stolen property that was recovered included receipts from a local scrap metal business, which may help connect the men to other cases.

"When you find something like this,” Sergeant Hampton said, “this is not the first time. It's the first time they may have been caught. It’s not the first time they've done something like this."

Police also say if you plan to leave your home vacant for some time, like this home, ask neighbors to keep an eye on your property.

"You just have to reduce the risk of doing that,” he said, “and take the precautions and measures you can to reduce that risk of becoming a victim of a thief."

Burglary of habitation is a second degree felony punishable by two to twenty years in prison and a $10,000 fine.