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Bonham Hopes For New Weather Station at Airport

BONHAM -- When you look at the Federal Aviation Administration's website for surface weather observation stations in north Texas, you may notice a gap of weather information for the town of Bonham.

In fact right now there is no where in Fannin county that has an automated weather observation system, AWOS for short, for community and most importantly pilots to use.

"We use to be on the weather maps back when they were hand drawn by Harold Taff and the old-time guys but with the computer graphics we feel a little left out and its time for our name to be right up there and for us to get very, very accurate weather for the people of Bonham," says Michael Evans, Bonham's Mayor Pro Tem. 

An AWOS station does more than record temperature, wind speed, and rainfall totals. It also detects lightning, calculates visibility, and determines how high the clouds are in the sky.

"This is necessary for us. This is pilot weather information, first responder information, gathering climate data for everybody who lives and works or commutes to and from Bonham and this fills instead of computer projections, this is computer hard data from out here at the Bonham airport," says Evans.

Bonham's City Manager says getting an AWOS at Jones Field airport fits well into their plans to expand the airport.

"As we continue to grow and people are going to come to our airport they need the amenities, the services and in fact this is one of the services that pilots are looking for," says Bill Shipp, the City Manager.

Laurine Blake, a member of the Masters Naturalists group, presented the information to the city council Monday evening and says she's happy with the response.

"We would be thrilled. We have a lot of folks that are just interested and they are an educated group of individuals and they want to see the right thing for our area and it would be fabulous," says Blake.