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Tenants at Sherman storage facility become target for thieves

SHERMAN -- Tenants at a local storage facility became targets for thieves over the weekend.

The owner of the business says customers are coming forward claiming their lockers were broken into and vandalized.

Criminals don't always think through crimes when they commit them.

But the ones who broke into storage units in Sherman went to some lengths to try to throw tenants off their tracks.

"We had everything packed, stacked, organized, neat and tidy," tenant Brenda Hantsche said.

But that was before her locker at Admiral Storage was broken into and ransacked.

"They emptied everything," she said. "All the tubs, all the boxes."

Hantsche says thousands of dollars worth of tools and camping equipment were stolen.

They even took a children's silverware set.

"You feel shocked, number one. Then you start thinking about all the little things and all the things that are worth something and the fact that people just need to leave other people's stuff alone," Hantsche said.

The crooks apparently came prepared. Hantsche says they replaced the broken lock with their own before they left.

"I guess so people wouldn't find anything awry because there were locks missing on doors so anyone who rents at this facility should probably check it out," she said.

The owner of Admiral Storage told us so far, two tenants have come forward since Saturday claiming their units were burglarized.

"We'll do a closer property inspection to look to see if it looks as if any of the locks have been cut and replaced," Paul Cameron said.

Sherman police say it's common for thieves to break into more than one locker at once.

They recommend never leaving sensitive documents in them, like checks or tax returns, so your identity doesn't end up stolen, too.

"As valuable as some of the stuff that may be inside these storage units, that information is just as valuable," Sgt. DM Hampton said.

The business owner says he'll review surveillance cameras and plans on installing more this week.

"If the guy's caught, my position is I hope he goes away a long time because it is very disheartening for people to have their possessions taken," Cameron said.

Hantsche, meantime, is taking steps too.

She and her husband have filed a report with Sherman police and their insurance company to try to recoup some of the loss.

Cameron suggests anyone with a locker at Admiral Storage to stop by soon because there may be more victims.