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East Central Tigers host basketball school

ADA, OK -- The East Central Tigers are hosting their first basketball school at the Kerr Activities Center.

Today area ballers from grades 3-through-8 would work on developing skills to be a successful hoopster.

Second year head coach Ja Havens started the school this summer. He also has two of his players helping out. That's Latta graduate Reed Johnson and Ada's Nick Anderson.

Havens thinks the experience also has some benefits for them.

"Anytime you get to teach something it makes you think about the basics and the fundamentals and the skills, and so I know it  gives them an opportunity to not only interact with the kids but also think about some of the things that they're doing as a player and when they're teaching that they can kind of bring out those finer points," Havens said.

Havens will also host a basketball school for girls players of the same age next Monday.