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Burglaries increase with the heat

 As the heat goes up -- so do the number of burglaries. 

Just yesterday Brian Keith Mutchler was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a string of burglaries last summer.  

"Lots of flat screen TVs, jewelry and electronics," said Britton Brooks, Grayson County Assistant District Attorney. 


Mutchler and Mathew Hobbs broke into at least seven homes while owners were away, stealing to support a methamphetamine habit.

"The defendants, the people involved, could not recall every single house that they invaded. They didn't know, but the majority of the people did call the police and the sheriff's office got involved," Brooks said. 

According to FBI numbers about 260 home burglaries happen in Grayson County each year -- and local law enforcement say the majority of those burglaries happen during the summertime.  

"People are away from their homes a lot, so they're more accessible for somebody that's wanting to burglarize or steal," said SGT. David Russell with Grayson County Sheriff's Office. 

Russell recommends home alarm systems, writing down serial numbers and taking pictures. It's a situation pat smith knows all too well. Today she's welcoming people to her house for a garage sale, but she's been on the other end of broken down doors and missing belongings.  

"It's awful,"Smith said. "It's things that you've worked for. But it's not even really what you've worked for, it's just that you were invaded. Your privacy, your sense of security was invaded and that's not a good feeling -- especially when you have small children."

the sheriff's office also wants to make it clear that people should use their instincts. If something seems suspicious -- they say -- don't hesitate to give them a call.