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Ex-Teacher Allegedly Had Tryst With Denison Student Hours After Resigning

DENISON, TX -- We have new details in the case of a teacher who turned herself in Wednesday on a charge of improper relationship with a student.

Police say even after she resigned from her job, the high school English teacher still went to see the teen again. Tonight, we asked her husband, also a teacher and baseball coach, how he and has family are doing.

He thought she was pretty and was his favorite teacher. Those words were in a note that the husband of Julie Anne Priddy Bollinger, 34, found in her purse on May 24, according to court documents.

"It's just a shame that somebody would do something like this to their family, to their career, and to their friends, so there's no answers for it," says Charles Bollinger. 

According to the police affidavit, Mr. Bollinger talked with his friend, athletic director Chad Rogers, who felt bound to report it.

On May 28, assistant superintendent Dr. George Hatfield brought Mrs. Bollinger into his office, where she promptly resigned, but investigators say she wasn't done with the teenager, documents show.

She allegedly picked him up from Parkside Baptist Church and took him to the Comfort Inn off Highway 75, then he asked if he could film the liaison on the iPhone she'd bought him so they could communicate. She said yes.

Police say the hotel receipt showed, "No one is to know she is here, no one, not even if they ask for her room!" The school went to the police on June 3.

"It was reported initially in early June and we've completed the investigation and filed the case in early July," says police Lt. Mike Eppler.

Court documents show principal Dr. Calvin Boettger called the student in June 5 to his office and reviewed his phone, but found no video.

The same day, Mr. and Mrs. Bollinger allegedly came in to the police department, where after previous denials, she admitted she'd had sex with the student, eventually saying it happened once in the hotel, twice in the classroom, and twice in a car -- and that they had waited until he was 17.

But police say there's a law making it illegal for teachers to have sex with students at their school.

"It's 'inappropriate relationship between educator and student,'" says Eppler. "That's a second degree felony charge, punishable by up to 20 years in the penitentiary and/or up to a $10,000 fine."

According to the officer's affidavit, Mrs. Bollinger appeared remorseful, and said she was on several prescriptions, and they were causing her to act differently.

A detective went to the teen's house and found love letters in his room. His mother also found hall passes she'd written to get him out of class.

Mrs. Bollinger told police she was considering psychiatric help and going to stay with relatives south of Abilene.

"She's on her own," says Mr. Bollinger.

"She did turn herself in down in Coleman County where she was arrested and bonded out of the Coleman County Jail on a $20,000 bond," says Eppler.

"My number one priority is this little girl, just take care of her and go on and make sure everything is good," says Mr. Bollinger.

Mr. Bollinger filed for divorce on June 12, saying his wife has committed adultery. With his adult son, also a coach, and his young daughter by his side, he told me on Thursday that after 2 years here, he has no intentions of leaving.

"Just the support in this town and we want to make this our home," says Mr. Bollinger.

The original note found in Mrs. Bollinger's purse was apparently thrown away, and investigators say the teen deleted the video from his phone. So far, no court date has been set in the case.

The district said in a statement: "Denison ISD has followed the letter of the law regarding this issue. As soon as the allegations came to our attention, we notified the Denison Police Department and turned the investigation over to our local police officials."

"We also obtained the resignation of the teacher. Additionally, we informed the Texas State Board of Educator Certification of the alleged improper relationship, which the law also requires us to do. It has been our objective, from the beginning, to follow the law and cooperate with officials in every way possible regarding this matter."