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Re-testing begins for students with lost state assessments

GRAYSON COUNTY -- More than one hundred STAAR tests taken by Denison High School students were lost earlier this year. Now, re-testing is underway.

"Well it's whatever. This is ridiculous." Junior Kasie Hamilton says that was the reaction of some of her classmates when they learned their state assessments -- known as the STAAR test -- were lost. DISD gave students two options: test this week or wait until next school year.

"I decided to take it now because I did not want to wait until December," Hamilton said. "That will be in the middle of my Junior year and no one wants to deal with a Sophomore test at that time."

But many will.

So far this week, the district says just 35 of the missing 164 tests have been re-taken.

"A lot of them are coming in and saying lets get this behind me now," said DISD spokesman Brent Hoy.

Students, like Hamilton found out last month the tests were lost. It's still unclear how they went missing. The district says it mailed them off -- but the testing company says it doesn't have them.

"It's somewhere between Denison, Texas and Austin, Texas at the Pearson warehouse where these tests have been misplaced," Hoy said. "I really don't believe that the opportunity to find these tests -- i think that window's gone."

Also gone for some students are the lessons they learned to prepare for tests.

"Lesson after lesson with your teacher, and we didn't really have that for this one," Hamilton said.

Fortunately, for Hamilton, English comes easy.

"I remembered and it went pretty smoothly," she said.

Now it's summer as usual at her house -- back to playing volleyball and listening to music.

Denison students can re-test tomorrow and Friday at Golden Rule Elementary School starting at 8 a.m.