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Man arrested in connection to deadly shooting

POTTSBORO, TX -- Wednesday afternoon Grayson County Sheriff's Office arrested 31 year old Zarcon Maddox in connection to the death of 35 year old Daniel Rucinski.   

Around 6:30 p.m Tuesday, Grayson County deputies responded to a call involving a shooting. When officials arrived, they found the dead body of a 35 year old man and say they saw a man running from the scene.

Grayson County deputies and Texas Rangers searched the quiet neighborhood for nearly four hours, before they found the man along F.M. 120.

"Our victim is Daniel Rucinski and he died of a single gun-shot wound to the chest,” said Sergeant David Russell. “And the suspect, who we have apprehended and has now been charged, his name is Zarcon Maddox."

The investigation continued early Tuesday morning, with deputies and prison guards back at the scene with prison dogs. They say they found no further evidence.

"We're pretty much done everything that needs to be done at this location,” said Sergeant Russell, “the residences are free to come and go as they please."

Deputies say they're trying to figure out why Maddox may have done it.

"We'll do some follow ups, processing and a little bit more book keeping,” he said, “and then we will be filing the case with the DA’s office."

Sergeant Russell says the family of the victim has been contacted and notified. But he says, at this time, they will not be a part of the investigation. Maddox has been booked at the Grayson County Jail with a $500,000 bond.