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Loy Lake Bridges Officially Shuts Down

SHERMAN -- TxDOT began construction on the Loy Lake project at the Sherman town center this past May. Tuesday the next step in the project began as Loy Lake bridge was officially shut down to traffic so that the bridge can be widen.  

Drivers around the Sherman town center are anticipating some delays as the Loy Lake bridge, which thousands of people travel on each day, shuts down.

"I think its great if they get it finished and we get to have a great bridge to drive across so ... they got to get the work done," says Lisa Smith who shops at the Sherman Town Center.

TxDOT tells us they expect the bridge to be closed for about 8 to 10 weeks as they widen the bridge to allow more traffic to pass.

"Loy Lake bridge has met capacity and traffic often stalls across the bridge onto loy lake road. We are widening the bridge to improve safety and relieve congestion. During this project, we will widen the existing roadway from two lanes to four through lanes with left-turn lanes," says Aaron Bloom from TxDOT in Sherman.

Many businesses around the bridge do not seem too concern that the project will affect their customers.

"I'm not worried that it will affect our business. With it being closed it will be harder for our customers to get here but we have a full event calendar with a lot going on. We have the best customers in the world, they love coming to the store," says Neil Noble, a partner at the Harley-Davidson store.

The shoppers at the town center are ready for the project to get started and get done.

"It will be a problem for a while but it'd probably be worth it when its all over with," says Eudis St.John, who shops at the town center.

"It will make things safer and easy to make it back and forth across the highway there which is important for all of us. It's a long time coming though. We are all glad to see it get done. It is a bit of an inconvenience but everyone expected that," says John Ganster who also shops at the town center.

Txdot is asking drivers  if you are traveling north bound on 75 to use the Fallon exit to get to the west side of the town center.  And if you are traveling southbound on 75 use the 82 intersection to get to the east side of the town center.