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Murder victim's mother outraged convict will serve sentence in medium security prison

MARSHALL COUNTY -- Sunday will mark two years since Ashleigh Lindsey and her unborn child were shot inside a Marshall County home. Both later died.

Seven months ago, Joshua Scott received two life sentences for their deaths, plus one more for murdering Chad Page.

"We thought we were done with the case. We thought with the plea bargain we would get some piece of mind that Joshua Scott would be put away and couldn't harm others," Lindsey's mother, Tara Woodlee, said. "But then I got an email from VINE which is a notification system to victims."

The email said Joshua Scott was being transferred from the state penitentiary in McAlister to Mack Alford Correctional Center in Stringtown, a medium security facility.

Woodlee says she was upset and contacted the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

"It's for our safety because that was just too close," Woodlee said.

The next day, she says she received a second email that Scott was being moved again, this time, to Dick Connor Correctional Center near Tulsa, another medium security facility.

"We're talking about a first degree murderer who murdered three people, stalked them, hunted them down, committed numerous crimes and did it in the most vicious way," Woodlee said. "He is a threat to society."

By phone, Jerry Massie with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections said security at medium and maximum facilities are nearly equal.

"The perimeter security of those types of facilities are really no different than maximum security," Massie said.

Massie says inmates are given a numerical score during an initial custody assessment based on things like escape history and prior offenses.

Massie says Scott's score was not high enough to land him in a maximum security prison.

"In the opinion of the staff at the penitentiary, they think that he can be managed at medium security which again is a secure facility," Massie said.

Still, Woodlee says she isn't completely convinced.

She's now created a petition asking Governor Mary Fallin to investigate and change the point system procedure that allowed this to happen.

"It's not an equal punishment as far as the family's concerned and it's not equal to our safety that we thought we were getting," Woodlee said.