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Recap of the July 4th Weekend across Texoma from local authorities

 BRYAN AND GRAYSON COUNTY -- Local law enforcement in Texas and Oklahoma were out in full force this weekend for the July 4th holiday.

Officials say any holiday weekend will bring in higher numbers of incidents, especially alcohol related. They say the numbers this year were average, but that it was enough to keep officers extremely busy all weekend long.

OHP says multiple troopers were out patrolling this weekend, reporting nine DUI’s and one fatality accident out of Bryan County Sunday night.

"We're still investigating that crash,” said Trooper BJ Keeling, “we're not finished with the investigation so we're still determining that. Four individuals did lose their lives in that crash so I would advise people to be aware of what you're doing, you know, be cautious when you're driving and pay attention."

On the other side of the Red River, Grayson County Sheriff's Office reported nine DUI’s and BUI’s, boating under the influence, and 11 public intoxications.

"This is not an absorbent number, high or low, for us,” said Sergeant David Russell, “it's just about average. The public did a real good job. We did not have any major complaints and obviously from the arrest report, it wasn't that bad."

Officials say a factor in a safer holiday weekend is the increased community response within recent years.

"From day to day operations the public has been very observant in letting us know if that spot something that seem right, maybe an intoxicated driver,” said Sergeant Russell.

But local police says not all calls relate to the road. Sherman Police say they had 85 calls in regards to fireworks.

"The guys and gals that patrol out there know that they are going to be a lot of firework calls,” said Sergeant D.M. Hampton, “because a lot of people call in on them. A lot of them are mistaken for gun shots."

Other agencies in Texoma are feeling the aftermath of this weekend too. The Texoma Regional Blood Center is experiencing a shortage in type O positive.

"We had a hospital that was using a lot of units,” said Francis Campbell, Director of Donor Resources, “we don't exactly know what was going on but they used 40 units at just one facility.  For one facility that is a high amount for the weekend."

The next chance for you to donate blood is Tuesday, at the Kroger’s in Denison from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The center will host a drive Thursday as well at the Bonham Trade's Day, also 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.