Campers put a spin on Fourth of July at Lake Texoma - - No One Gets You Closer

Campers put a spin on Fourth of July at Lake Texoma

 GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Locals and out-of-towners took to area lakes and rivers to enjoy the holiday weekend.  A group of families on lake Texoma who wanted to make this 4th of July celebration one to remember.

For a few families in the east burns run camp site -- fireworks and food don't even begin to describe the tradition.  

"Just camping, having fun with all our friends and family," Brittany Lancaster said. "We've been doing this for many years now -- probably about thirteen years coming here." 

This year the six families decided to try something new -- a parade to showcase their patriotism.  

"So we organized this year and we had our first annual Fourth of July parade," Lancaster said. 

Grandparents snapped pictures as family members of all ages marched across camp grounds.

"It was a little redneck in a way," Lancaster said laughing. "The grand marshal was a boat. And we had people waiving flags on the boat. And then all the kids and adults that had bikes were in the middle and our pinkCalmaro where the little kids were in it and then our end of the parade was another boat holding another big flag." 

They say the reason for such a public spectacle is simple.  

"So we just wanted to bring cheer to the campground, wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July and wave and ring all our bells at them and it was neat." 

With the success of this years parade, plans are already in the works for next year.  

"Yes, definitely," Lancaster said. "We want two next year and we want a glow in the dark parade." 

Fourth of July celebrations will be going on all weekend at the lake. You can catch the official fireworks show tomorrow at 8 p.m. on the Roosevelt bridge.