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Jury Deliberates in Grayson County Murder Trial


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX--A very long day Wednesday at the Grayson County Justice Center after a nearly 3-hour delay that morning. At 5:15 on Wednesday night, however, the jury was let out for deliberation.

The jury has 11 different charges to consider--the most serious of those being felony murder. The least serious would be assault. If they find Robert Gray, Jr. guilty, they can only convict him on one of those charges.

A lot of testimony and evidence was heard and seen this week. Prosecutors say Gray hog-tied, gagged and killed 15-year-old Brandon White in January of 2013. Defense attorneys say Gray's acts of restraint might have been justified, as he was acting as Brandon's parent. They also argue his cause of death was a seizure.

It is  now up to the jury whether they want to deliberate into the night, or readjourn Thursday morning. We'll bring you the latest updates as we receive them.