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Tips for having a safe fireworks show at home

GRAYSON COUNTY -- Independence Day is Friday which means many are purchasing fireworks to celebrate.

But with all the fun comes responsibility to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Firework stands will be busy heading into the 4th of July weekend.

While fireworks may be fun they can also be dangerous and, in some places, illegal.

"The city of Denison has an ordinance against fireworks inside the incorporated city limits so all fireworks inside the incorporated city limits are illegal," Denison Fire Asst. Chief Bill Ray said.

The same goes for other cities, including Sherman, where even having fireworks is illegal within 5,000 feet of city limits.

But if you are planning your own show, Denison firefighters say prepare.

"Because you want a good safe show and you want all your guests to be amazed in your ability to do your fireworks show," Denison Battalion Chief Keith Bates said.

First, Bates says buy fireworks that fit your location.

"You'll have some that go very high in the air and some that go very low," Bates said.

Step two, get a flat surface -- like a piece of plywood -- to set your fireworks on, and watch for fireworks that seem to lean.

"If you have this small rocket at an angle, you may be over two houses down and cause a problem over there. So you want to make sure all your aerial fireworks are straight up and down," Bates said.

Third, read the bright labels on the package. They provide useful information for setting that specific firework off.

"Read the labels, they tell you what not to do, what to do and go by those directions," Ray said.

Remember, the length of fuses on each firework can be different so always expect the unexpected.

"They're supposed to burn at the same rate but my personal experience, I've found that not every fuse burns at the same rate," Bates said.

Tip four, enjoy the show.

A little later, remember to throw away the leftover trash but only after they're cool to the touch to avoid creating another light show you never intended.

In Sherman, the fine, if convicted under the firework ordinance is $137.