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Investigation continues for cause of fatal fire in Tom Bean

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- State and local fire officials continue searching for the cause of a house fire that left one woman dead over the weekend.

It happened on Whispering Oaks Street in Tom Bean and took 71 year old Jeanne Sowell's life on Sunday morning. Crews say family members have been essential in helping with the investigation, but remain distraught over the loss.

"They're being very cooperative,” said Kerry Price, Grayson County Fire Investigator. “Anything we need they're giving it to us, any information we need they've been very, very cooperative with us."

Investigators had the State Fire Marshal on hand Monday morning, as they searched through what was left of the two story home. 

"We're looking at the back part of the house where it started, inside the kitchen area," said Price.

While the origin has been determined, officials say the cause is still unknown. Though at this time, they continue to rule out any suspicious intent.

"We can tell it's not an incinerated fire,” he said, “it wasn't set on purpose."

Neighbors tell KTEN Sowell's son - who was living with her at the time and attempted to go back into the burning house and save her - had moved in with his mother to take care of her.

Fire officials are reminding the community how important smoke detectors are in cases like these. They recommend contacting the local fire department to make sure yours are working properly. 

"That helps a lot with fatality fires,” he said, “when people get alerted quickly they can get out of the house."

Investigators stayed in the area until around five Monday evening. They say the investigation is ongoing and they expect to find a cause within a few days.