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Grasshoppers invading parts of Grayson County

GRAYSON COUNTY -- Parts of Grayson County are seeing an invasion of grasshoppers and recent rain is the main reason.

But as harmless as the insects are to people the infestation is springing to life new problems for farmers.

Hundreds of thousands of grasshoppers are making their presence felt in front yards of homes in southern and western parts of Grayson County.

"They just come out of everywhere," Whitewright resident Devin Dillman said.

The Dillman family says grasshoppers are so bad at their home, they recently sprayed insecticide along their driveway.

"I've had some on my legs," Dillman said.

Chuck Jones, Grayson County Agriculture Extension Agent, says his office is receiving more calls about the critters showing up in driveways, houses and farms.

"If you have a hay pasture or if you've got cattle, goats or sheep that need the grass then they're detrimental because they're eating their food source," Jones said.

Holes through blades of grass are a sure sign the insects are making meals out of your yard.

Fortunately, Jones says cutting down the population is easy.

"Find a pesticide that you can spray on your lawn and ornamentals, trees and ornamentals or your grasses, whatever you want to protect, and look for the active ingredient permethrine.

The Dillmans say it worked on their yard but looking around, may have to treat again, until the numbers bounce back to normal.

Jones says the problem will begin to taper off during the summer as conditions outside begin to dry out.