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Ardmore Police Investigating Second Homicide In Two Days

ARDMORE, OK -- The Ardmore Police Department is investigating its second homicide in as many days.

The latest one taking the life of an elderly woman sitting on her front porch.

"She was sitting in her doorway just looking around like she did all the time," said Teena Martin, a neighbor who lives along the 900 block of A street northwest. "And they just shot her for no reason." 

Ardmore Police found the body of 59-year old Ella Loftis in the 900 block of A street northeast after someone driving by noticed something suspicious.

"At about 6:50 this morning, we had a call from a motorist that states that they believe that we had a victim on the front of a porch," said Captain Kevin Norris.

Police say they received a call of shots fired earlier in the morning a little after three.

"Not specifically at this residence, but in the general area," said Norris about the shots.

A neighbor who lives across the street says she was woken up by the gunfire.

"Three, four gunshots," said Martin. "Loud. I thought they were coming right outside my window." 

Officers were dispatched to the area.

"Didn't see anything, didn't hear any more," said Norris. "Didn't find anybody walking and we received no other calls." 

KTEN news crews talked to several neighbors and family members but they didn't want to go on camera. They say Loftis was a kind individual.

"She'd always say 'Hi' she was real sweet, real nice, friendly," said Martin. "She wouldn't hurt nobody. It's ridiculous."

Police believe Monday morning's homicide is connected to another that took the life of 31-year old Volonta Anderson early Sunday morning at the All Starz sports bar on South Commerce.

Teena Martin says she now has thoughts of moving after this latest shooting.

Captain Kevin Norris says they believe both shootings are related to gang activity.


A little before four this afternoon, police released the names of four men calling all four persons of interest they're looking to question.

There names are: Ricky Gene McGee Jr., Juaren Dezaun McGee Sr., Rodney Marquis Cohee and Dimitri Levoy Washington III

Ardmore Police are urging anyone with information to contact the department, the number is 580-223-1212.